Our Technology

Dental Examinations with Precision and Confidence

Good oral health means more to us than simply brighter looking teeth. At Putney Dental Care we have access and experience with dental technology which may help identify dental health issues. In addition, in certain cases, general health issues relating to teeth and gums may also be detected. Early identification before issues turn into problems may give you a wider range of treatment options. For a healthy mouth and all general dentistry matters, we’ve got you covered.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray imaging allows the early diagnosis of problems, such as dental cavities which may not be detected with the naked eye. Our clinic has the latest equipment which has up to 90% less radiation dosage compared with other dental clinics which are still using conventional x-rays films.

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Cone Beam 3D Imaging

When planning complex treatment such as dental surgery, knowledge of the vital structures is essential. At Putney Dental Care we offer enhanced 3D imaging on site allowing you to proceed with treatment in a safe way.

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A revolutionary painless laser technology used to detect hidden tooth decay before it damages the tooth structure, even detecting small areas of decay. By using this technology, our dentists are able to take a minimally invasive and preventive approach.

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The Wand – Painless Injections

A common fear of dentists is the ‘stinging’ sensation from the dental anaesthetic injections. At Putney Dental Care, our patients can now experience a virtually painless anaesthetic delivery with the use of ‘The Wand’.

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Air-Flow Polishing

If you are a tea or coffee drinker you will know that traditional dental polishing has limitations when it comes to removing these stains. Our modern approach to the removal of both plaque and heavy stains involves the use of an air polishing technique (EMS Air-Flow) which is gentle on teeth, gums, and also on existing delicate porcelain and crown-work.

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Intra Oral Camera

A thorough examination of your teeth requires good vision and lighting. Our digital intra-oral camera (Sirocam AF+) is able to focus and capture pictures of the surface features of your teeth with great detail and resolution. This can provide information about your dental health that may be easily overlooked with the naked eye.

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