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When planning complex treatment such as dental surgery, knowledge of the vital structures is essential. At Putney Dental Care we offer enhanced 3D imaging on site allowing you to proceed with treatment in a safe way.

What do dentists look for?

Wisdom teeth are often located close by to vital structures including nerves. Removal of wisdom teeth can cause damage to these nerves especially when the exact location of these nerves may not be shown properly on conventional 2D imaging. Getting your wisdom teeth our is painful enough, you are going to want to make sure proper preparation has been undertaken before the wisdom tooth extraction.  Complex procedures such as the placement of dental implants can also put these vital structures at risk of permanent damage.

Our Cone beam 3D imaging

Through detailed planning and preparation, 3D imaging can make procedures safer for you. The imaging can all be done conveniently inside our clinic so you won’t have to go to another centre just to get it done. The images are then viewed digitally on a computer and accurate measurements can be made such as the distance between vital structures. Our 3D cone beam unit is able to minimize the radiation dosage you receive by excluding from the image structures that are not important. 3D imaging is a new standard of care.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

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