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Painless injections

A common fear of dentists is the ‘stinging’ sensation from the dental anaesthetic injections. At Putney Dental Care, our patients can now experience a virtually painless anaesthetic delivery with the use of ‘The Wand’.

Traditional approach with local anaesthetic

Local anaesthetic is often required for routing dental treatments such as fillings. This can be off putting for some patients since the mouth is a very sensitive area to ‘needles’. Additional discomfort with ‘needles’ is often caused by injecting too fast compared with a slower injection technique. This has caused in the past many bad experiences for patients both young and old.

The Wand – Making Dental Treatment Easier

The Wand – making dental treatment easier

The WandThe wand is an anaesthetic delivery device that has made the most stressful part of a dentist’s job so much easier. It delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic at a rate which is proven to be comfortable as well as minimizes tissue damage. At Putney Dental Care, we are aware of your sensitivity and aim to make your experience with routine procedures such as fillings as pain-free as possible.

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