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If you are a tea or coffee drinker you will know that traditional dental polishing has limitations when it comes to removing these stains. Our modern approach to the removal of both plaque and heavy stains involves the use of an air polishing technique (EMS Air-Flow) which is gentle on teeth, gums, and also on existing delicate porcelain and crown-work. Putney Dental Care will get your teeth whitened in no time with our advanced approach.

This involves an air-powder mixture with water and when used for routine cleaning, has shown to be gentler, less damaging on tooth structures, faster and provided better outcomes.

Teeth Whitening - Air Polishing

Traditional dental prophylaxis

The traditional approach to polishing teeth involves using a fine grit paste and a rubber cup. In some instances, this can scratch the tooth surface while stains located in ‘hard to reach areas’ such as tiny grooves and in between teeth are not properly removed. Furthermore, following the treatment, the polishing paste can leave your mouth feeling gritty and teeth sensitive.

Modern techniques of air flow polishing

The EMS Airflow system is the most effective dental equipment available for the for the gentle removal of plaque and stains. The technique involves the use of an air-powder mixture that is combined with a water spray which eliminates all plaque and stains. Since it is non-abrasive, it feels very comfortable, even for those with sensitive teeth. It is safe to use on delicate porcelain work and can reach difficult areas including beneath bridges and around dental implants. It is also ideal for anyone undergoing orthodontic work. At Putney Dental Care, we use airflow polishing on a routine basis for all patients including kids who enjoy the fruity flavour.

Modern Techniques of Air Flow Polishing

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