Most Common Dental Mistakes

For some people, brushing their teeth twice a day already accounts for good dental care. But there is so much more to oral health than just a few minutes of scrubbing your teeth’s surface to get it clean and fresh. As this is an easy task that is usually done without giving it much thought, many people are unaware of the common dental mistakes they make.

Indeed, even after you’ve been brushing and flossing your teeth regularly for decades, you could still be doing it in a manner that is not as efficient as it should be. Once you understand and practice proper oral hygiene, you can better protect your teeth and gums. At Putney Dental Care we see common dental mistakes daily, so we’ve identified several ways that you could be committing dental sins without realizing it.

Common Dental Mistakes - Putney Dental Care

Common Dental Mistakes – Putney Dental Care

Applying Too Much Force

Sometimes, people think that the only way to thoroughly clean a surface is to scrub really hard. This is certainly not the case when the surfaces of the teeth are concerned. In fact, brushing too heavily causes harm to your oral health. Negative effects include mouth sores, gum irritation and recession. Overtime, hard brushing can erode the enamel in your teeth, making you more prone to tooth decay. It is recommended to brush teeth in soft, circular strokes. Take your time so you don’t feel the need to go too fast.

Using Brushes Way Past Their Shelf Life

Another one of the common dental mistakes some Aussies are guilty of is keeping a toothbrush for too long. Now how long is too long? Putney Dental Care professionals recommend replacing toothbrushes every three to four months. Anything beyond that should be thrown out. And yet, not everyone does. It could be that it’s your favourite toothbrush and you’ve taken care of it well enough that it could pass off as brand-new. It could also be that you keep forgetting to replace it, or are simply too lazy to. Before you know it, you’ve been using the same toothbrush for six months or worse, the whole year. The problem with an old toothbrush that has frayed bristles is that it can’t clean your teeth as much as it used to.

Common Dental Mistakes - Putney Dental Care

Common Dental Mistakes – Putney Dental Care

Skipping the Floss

Only 25 per cent of Australians floss daily. This statement was given by Dr. Peter Alldritt, chairman of the Australian Dental Association’s Oral Health Committee. Alas, most people think that flossing is optional and that brushing alone can clean their teeth just fine. And yet, when you floss, you immediately see all the food particle and debris that your toothbrush simply cannot dislodge. Dr. Aldritt emphasises that flossing using a back and forth motion through the space between each tooth is not enough. He advises that the floss should be curved around the teeth and then moved up and down to get all the residue out. Flossing is a critical component to oral health!

Missing Areas of the Mouth

The tongue and tough-to-reach spots in the mouth are often overlooked when people brush their teeth. Some people either get too lazy or are pressed for time to be meticulous in their brushing. Hence, only the front parts of the teeth are given all the attention. Harmful bacteria pick these neglected crevices and grooves as their breeding ground. Aside from increasing your risk for tooth decay, these bacteria can also give you bad breath. To avoid this, take your time in cleaning your tongue, the back of your teeth and the roof of your mouth. Come into Putney Dental Care for an overall check-up and full teeth cleaning procedure

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