7 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

A smile is one of the most attractive accessories anyone can wear. However, people are often self-conscious to show-off this accessory owing to the discolouration of their teeth. The thinning of enamel and stains from consumption intake are the two main causes for teeth to become yellow. However, there are a range of effective techniques that will help you brighten your smile. Here are some easy ways of retrieving your pearly whites.

  1. Professional tooth whitening

The most effective way of whitening your teeth is by visiting a professional dentist. You will be able to receive a more accurate analysis of your teeth and exact reasons for the yellowing of your teeth. Following an analysis which can also consist of an in-depth x-ray, your dentist will decide what tooth whitening approach will be the most effective to your unique specific needs. Putney Dental Care offers professional teeth whitening through laser bleaching or high-powered light. If the discolouration is located within the inside of the tooth, you may require an internal bleaching.

  1. Take home teeth bleaching

An alternative approach of whitening your teeth is by purchasing an over-the-counter bleaching kit or buying a custom tray that is fitted by your dentist. Some tooth whiteners can be damaging depending on the sensitivity of your teeth, so it is wise to check with your dentist first on whether they recommend you use the product or not. Depending on the instructions from your dentist and the sensitivity of your teeth, the trays can be worn from an hour to overnight.

  1. Natural whitening agents

At home remedies are popular ways of whitening teeth using natural whitening and bleaching agents. Products such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can either be applied separately or mixed together and applied to the teeth. Once applied, gently brush the natural whitening agent over your teeth. These whitening properties are known for eliminating bacteria from the mouth as well as removing stains.

  1. Oil pulling

Oils are also effective agents in improving the quality of your teeth as well as enhancing your overall oral hygiene. Coconut, sunflower and sesame oil are suitable oils that can be used for the home remedy. Use to oil to cleanse your mouth by swishing the oil around to remove bacteria and plaque. You should rinse your mouth for 1 minute after brushing your teeth.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

Crunching on fruits and vegetables are techniques that will allow you not only strengthen your teeth but also whiten your teeth. Fruits such as strawberries, papayas and pineapples are fruits that can help whiten teeth through the enzymes that are contained within the fruit. The fruits and vegetables also will help you improve your diet that will contribute to strengthening your teeth and general body health.

  1. Improve oral hygiene

The process of cleaning your teeth can be impacting the way your teeth maintains its health. Regularly brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste is the key way of eliminating bacteria and plaque. Flossing after every meal will also promote better oral hygiene and help you maintain white set of teeth. Investing in an electric toothbrush will enable a more effectively polished teeth and accurate results.

  1. Diet

To ensure that your teeth doesn’t become white again or prevent from having stained teeth in the future, you will need to take preventative action steps. Beverages such coffee, tea and red wine are liquids that are prone to staining your teeth. Decreasing the consumption of various foods can also allow you to reduce the plaque that formulate around the gums of your teeth. Minimise your sugar intake in your diet as the properties promote plaque and gingivitis. You will instead need to increase your calcium consumption to strengthen the enamel of teeth to reduce the likelihood of enamel thinning.

Boost your confidence to regain your smile by using the teeth whitening methods that is suitable to your needs. Each approach can be more effective to certain types of teeth than to others, so test out the technique that is the most effective for you. Which approaches will use to gain back your pearly smile?

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