Impacts of Stress on your Dental Health

Dental Health Bruxism

With the end of the year fast approaching, a busy and stressful time can be expected for some people. An individual’s response to stress can vary, however, a common response many dentists observe is teeth grinding. This condition is known as Bruxism. Bruxism or the grinding and clenching of the teeth affects both children and adults. Research shows 50% of the population experience teeth grinding from time to time, however 5% of the popular have regular bruxism. Those with bruxism may be unaware of the habit as this usually occurs whilst asleep.

Dental Health Bruxism

Untreated bruxism can have a significant impact on your dental health. It is important to know common symptoms for early detection:

  • Grinding sound when a person is asleep
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain or ear pain
  • Damaged teeth or broken dental fillings
  • Aching or stiffness in the raw whilst chewing
  • Clenching the jaw as a response to anger or anxiety
  • Cracked or chipped tooth enamel
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Pain to the facial area

Treating bruxism early is important to reduce any dental damage. Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the bruxism. Some treatments include:

  • Splints and night guards– these are to be worn at night and are designed to keep teeth separated to avoid the damage caused by clenching and grinding.
  • Repair damaged teethdepending on the severity, cracked or damaged teeth are to be repaired at the dentist.

Whilst it is important to seek early treatment, there are limited cases of extreme bruxism. Children in particular usually grow out of this condition.

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