No Dental Care Issues? See Your Dentist Still

So you may not have a nagging toothache or need your wisdom teeth removed. As with most people, brushing your teeth is a habit that comes naturally to you. Last time you checked, your teeth and gums show no troubling signs. So is there any reason why you should go see a dentist?

wisdom teeth removal

Yes. In fact, you have every reason to head to a dental clinic.

Just as dental care professionals are qualified to fix problems, they are also trained to prevent them. There might be some things that you cannot see or feel but are secretly wreaking havoc on your oral health. This is why you still need to have a dentist check up on you regularly.

Schedule Visits More Than Once A Year

For people with no problems to report, seeing a dentist twice a year is recommended. With regular visits, your dentist can detect warning signs. That way, issues can be managed early and be given preventive treatment.

Of course, more visits will be needed for those considered to be at high risk for developing oral diseases. These are people who drink, smoke and take drugs. People diagnosed with diabetes and other illnesses that contribute to a weakened immune system are more vulnerable as well.

Pregnant women are also advised to visit the dentist more often—before, during and after their pregnancy. Constant vomiting due to morning sickness and hormonal imbalances can damage the teeth and gums.

Meadowbank Dental Care Appointment

At Putney Dental Care, we consider each individual’s medical conditions and habits when making recommendations as to how often visits should be scheduled. Rest assured that your dental health is in good hands as soon as you walk into our facility.

Consult with a reputable Meadowbank dentist to take good care of your teeth, gums and mouths. Pick up the phone and call (02) 9808 2588 today.

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