5 Ways to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity

Most people are very good at looking after their teeth and their overall mouth health. It is recommended by most dentists that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, which has become common practice for most people. However, some people can find this rather difficult because they have hypersensitive teeth. Having sensitive teeth can be a real problem for a lot of people, and can stop them from eating their favourite foods and drinks. Although it is usually not a problem that someone can cure, there a number of ways that a person can deal with having sensitive teeth.

Pin-point the problem

There are a number of possible reasons why someone may have sensitive teeth, and you may be able to identify them easily for yourself. For example, you may have had a recent dental surgery like a filling or a crown put in that is causing sensitivity all around your mouth. This happens to most people fairly often and will usually resolve itself in a few days. If you are noticing any problems for an extended period then you may need to visit the dentist in order to determine if there are any other issues that you be encountering.

Look into other health problems

There may be an underlying issue somewhere else in your body that is causing you to have sensitive teeth. For example, certain problems like GERD or acid reflux can cause you to have sensitive teeth because the acid from your stomach can cause the enamel on your teeth to erode away. There are also a number of mouth-related conditions that can cause sensitive teeth. For example, people who have issues with clenching or grinding can do some serious damage to their teeth and in turn, make their teeth very sensitive. Finding solutions to problems like these may be able to help you to relieve any issues you have with sensitive teeth, but at the very least you should with your doctor to make sure that you have no underlying issues that could be causing your sensitive teeth.

Avoid highly acidic food and drinks

You may not be aware, but you can make your teeth feel less sensitive by changing your diet and watching what you eat. Foods and drinks that are acidic can be damaging to your teeth and like your stomach acid, it can erode away at your enamel. Most foods that are high in sugar will be bad for your teeth, including things like juice, lollies, citrus fruits and soft drink. Other things include coffee, alcohol, vinegar and sports drinks. If you can steer clear of most of these foods and drinks then you should slowly be able to rebuild some of the enamel on your teeth and it should not be as painful to eat or drink anything that you are sensitive to. Most of the foods that help with sensitive teeth are natural and fairly bland like milk, yoghurt, bananas, cucumbers and avocados just to name a few so try to steer clear of the acidic food for a little while if you have sensitive teeth.

Brush and clean your teeth regularly

It goes without saying, but in order to maintain clean and healthy teeth, you should be brushing and flossing regularly. People who don’t brush and floss each day run the risk of having serious  issues with their teeth and gums like cavities, plaque and tartar build-up and gum disease. Having sensitive teeth is one of the first signs that something is wrong in your mouth, so being able to minimise any issues that you have with your teeth is always a good thing.

Have regular check-ups

Going to the dentist regularly is important , especially if you have or had serious problems with your teeth. If you suspect that you have something wrong with your teeth, your dentist can have a look in your mouth and use their tools to see if you have any signs of something wrong. Dentists can also prescribe a number of treatments for your teeth from toothpaste for sensitive to fluoride gel to help repair the enamel on your teeth. Having sensitive teeth is not a big deal and you can fix the problem very easily if you catch it early on. Being able to pinpoint where the issue is coming from and then being able to figure out where to go from there is extremely important and will allow you to ensure that your mouth and teeth recover quickly from any issues that may occur. With regular maintenance and check-ups, you should be able to keep on top of your sensitive teeth and ensure the problem does not reoccur again.

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