Ryde Crowns and Bridges

Bridged and Capped Teeth in Ryde

Teeth reconstruction is one of our areas of expertise at Putney Dental Care. We recognise great dental health is important for patients overall health. Good Dental health promotes confidence and lets you enunciate clearly as you speak. Having proper jaw alignment and bite from a detailed restoration of teeth will also have you enjoying every meal and help in proper digestion of food.

Our team of expert and experienced dentists will ensure each Ryde patient will have restoration of teeth identical to the original dental composition. We do keep evolving and have the latest innovation in tools and methodology to help sessions pain-free and cost-effective. For more information visit the website at www.putneydentalcare.com.au

Crowns: Closest to the Original

dental crowns and bridgesWe value each Ryde patient’s unique tooth design. This is how we approach creating dental crowns to address teeth that are broken, cracked, heavily discoloured or eroded.  We first look into each tooth from the inside and out by using our digital intraoral camera (Sirocam AF+). This can trace every tiny crack and will help our dentists assess the best approach to restoration. We’ll also give Ryde patients a copy of these images to loop them in.

We have choices of materials that we can choose from: metal, resin and porcelain. The latest innovation would be ceramic one of which is called E-Max. This medium can be moulded and further refined to make sure that it looks identical to the tooth we’re working on.  This also has a high strength factor that can make the reconstructed tooth last a lifetime.

Be assured that our dentists will always consider what the best solution will be. We can also work on creating a plan to best work with your schedule and budget in mind.

Bringing Back Missing Teeth with Bridges

Just in case reconstruction needs more reinforcement, we also offer bridge construction. This works best when there are already missing teeth or crowns would need more help and support.

We first take a mould and consider how the final bridge will fit into the existing set of teeth. The pontic tooth – or replaced tooth – will look identical and similar in tint to blend naturally with the alignment and other teeth.

We’ll also prepare the anchors where the bridge will be attached to make sure that it’s held in place securely. Soon after, our expert and professional dentists will see to it that jaw alignment is in sync and bite is factored into the final step upon installation of the bridge.

Perfect Dental Restoration for Ryde Patients

Ryde patients who have experienced how to have their smiles back can attest that their quality of life has improved with our services. A perfect smile, enunciate clearly, and absolutely enjoy every snack and meal are top benefits of our restoration.

Call us up now at Ryde Putney Dental care to see how we can help you have your smile back, too. Just dial (02) 98082588 as soon as you can. Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic services the following Sydney areas – Meadowbank, Gladesville and West Ryde.