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Dental Implants Specialists in Gladesville

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Dental restoration is an important dental procedure, trust the specialist at Putney Dental Care with dental implants today. At Putney Dental Care we use the latest technology in dental procedures and methodology. You can count on our latest tool, The Wand, that applies anesthesia without the need for injections. Keeping the experience while reconstructing your teeth, as comfortable as possible. For more information visit our website or call us today.

Shining Confidence Booster

Nothing beats having a great smile. This comes with the ability to also speak clearly and express yourself with ease and self-assurance.

We consider the planning stage for dental restoration a critical part. We’ll be providing detailed digital images of your teeth from the inside, out.  We’ll work together and make sure reconstruction of teeth will also fit into your schedule and have it as cost-effective as necessary.

Putney Dental Care also ensures that every Gladesville patient will have the jaw alignment in sync with a perfect bite. We can flexibly craft and sculpt each tooth to make sure you’ll have worry-free dental health to last a very long time.

Great Grins that Keep on Giving

Dental implants with Putney Dental Care not only feels as comfortable and natural as your original teeth. This also means easy maintenance for every Gladesville patient. No worries on a secure attachment nor misalignment. Each replacement is guaranteed to act and be as strong as your original tooth.

Give us a call now at Putney Dental Care Gladesville.  We will always work with your schedule as well as your finances to help get back that perfect smile. Call  (02) 98082588 as soon as you can. 

Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic for dental implants services the following Sydney areas – Ryde, Meadowbank, Gladesville and West Ryde