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Top Ryde patients know how important having excellent dental health can be. Especially with the active lifestyle at the Top Ryde community, there’s always new people to meet, gatherings to attend and, most of all, good food to enjoy.

Putney Dental Care is aware how necessary and invaluable excellent dental restoration is to enable Top Ryde patients get the most out of each day.  We’ll see to it that missing teeth are replaced strongly by our dental implants. Dental implants act like original teeth do. Maintenance is easy and attachment embedded and infused into the jaw bone.

There won’t be any second thought if reconstructed teeth will be able to take the hustle and bustle of daily activities.  It’s also not dependent on an anchor built on existing teeth. Our dental implants at Putney Dental Care will be as strong and as durable as the original replaced teeth.

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Your Perfect Smile Makes a Come Back

Pain-free, this is key to every Top Ryde patient will experience having dental implants at Putney Dental Care. There won’t be any injections needed for general anesthesia. Instead, we have The Wand to deliver this and keep you comfortable and at ease while our expert dentists work on getting your smile back.

We guarantee that each dental implant is built from titanium. This material is compatible with the bone composition to easily fuse together and be strongly reliable for a long time. Our crown and pontic tooth will be made from ceramic that can be easily molded, sculpted and tinted to look and feel like the original tooth.

We also make sure that every Top Ryde patient will be part of the planning stage. Our dentists will provide copies of highly-detailed digital images of your teeth from the inside, out. We’ll move forward alongside your schedule and financial plan to have dental restoration run smoothly and achieve expected long-lasting results.

Worry-Free and Confident Grins

Top Ryde patients will always feel at ease. Our team at Top Ryde Putney Dental Care will be there for any question, inquiry or apprehension when it seems that moving forward with dental implants seems difficult. We’ll always create the experience of having dental reconstruction comfortable, pain-free and according to the agreed plan.

Contact us now at Top Ryde Putney Dental Care to know how we can start restoring your smile again. Call us today on (02) 98082588.

Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic services the following Sydney areas – Ryde, Meadowbank, Gladesville and West Ryde.

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