Dental Implants in Ryde

Dental Implants carry with them not just reconstruction of missing teeth at Putney Dental Care, but a way to experience life at an amazing level. It’s a way for our team of dentists to make sure every Ryde patient has jaw alignment perfectly aligned for that ideal bite. This ensures that Ryde patients will be speaking effortlessly and eating will always be a joy to keep for a lifetime.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been developed since the late 60s and have been used extensively for the replacement of missing teeth. Acting as an artificial tooth root, they are fused into the jawbone to replace natural teeth that are missing. Implants and their crowns are designed to mimic the look and function of natural teeth.

3 Main Components of Completed Dental Implants:

  • A titanium implant (metal root)
  • An abutment (post)
  • A crown

Dental Implants Benefits:

  • Helps to withstand greater biting forces than dentures
  • Gives you an option that feels and looks most natural
  • Can improve the appearance of ‘hollowed’ cheeks that can occur after a tooth is extracted
  • Are firmly secured into the jaw
  • Do not require support from adjacent teeth
  • Can be cleaned with normal cleaning routine at home, unlike dentures which require removal at night

Stronger Teeth and Brighter Smiles At Ryde

We know how intimidating it can be to have permanent dental implant securely built in. Let us assure you that every Ryde patient will have pain-free sessions as the dental implants are constructed. We are always up-to-date with the latest innovation on dental technology and methodology.

Ryde patients will always have the best materials and the most careful, detailed care in replacing and restoring their teeth. Our team will have a discussion with on the most effective and affordable plan available regarding dental implants.

We only use titanium to securely fuse the new teeth into the jawbone. Let us assure you that there won’t be any injections just to apply general anesthesia. We have the newest way to deliver this with our tool, The Wand.

Each tooth will also be identical to the missing teeth – the size, angle of placement and tint will perfectly match existing teeth. We want you to have the highest expectations and get most natural smile reconstructed.

We also guide patients on how the procedure will be done. You’re always on the same page with us with very detailed digital images of your teeth from the inside, out. We’ll be there at every step to get you back your perfect smile again. A great way to greet every beautiful day at Ryde.

Let’s Build a Lifetime of Positive Vibes

Make that first step now to have your smile fully restored at Putney Dental Care. Excellent dental reconstruction will always be the perfect gift that will last for a lifetime. Give us a call now and see how we can help you get your teeth fully-restored. Call our dentist Ryde team on (02) 98082588 for dental implants services.

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