Bridged and Capped Teeth Dental Services for Gladesville Patients

Putney Dental Care services in Gladesville area for all their dental needs. We offer Gladesville dental crowns and bridges. Our expert and professional team of dentists are passionate about Gladesville restorative dental procedures.

Our team will always look into the details of each tooth that we need to reconstruct. That’s how Gladesville patients will experience how we take your dental health very seriously. We offer not only the latest innovations in tools and methodology in dentistry but also ensure a pain-free visit every time.

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Crowns identical to the Original

Each tooth is important for our expert Gladesville dentist team.  A crown is built to be placed on top of an eroded, broken, cracked or discoloured tooth. This acts as a protection and also preserves the natural tooth as well.

At Putney Dental Care, we first look at the teeth from inside and out. The tiniest crack can be analysed and taken into consideration on what the best solution is.  This is possible with the use of our digital intraoral camera (Sirocam AF+). It provides a clear image that our dentists can use for accurate assessment. We’ll also loop every Gladesville patient in by providing copies of these images.

Soon after, our dentists will recommend the best approach and materials to use for your crown. This can be made from metal, resin or porcelain.  The latest innovation we have for crown construction is using the ceramic, E-Max. This is flexible to mould. sculpt and tint to have your crown identical to the teeth that needs reconstruction.  It is also one of the more robust materials in the market.

Strong Bridges for Gladesville Patients

Gladesville patients who have missing teeth will be able to enjoy having a complete, long-lasting and natural-looking set again with Putney Dental Care.

Bridges are fixed dental prosthesis that are constructed with identical pontic (replacement) teeth built into the structure.  Our dentists take careful analysis to pinpoint which remaining teeth will be anchors to the bridge.

This will ensure that once the bridge is installed permanently, jaw alignment and bite will also be back at its ideal state. This guarantees that the Gladesville patient will have a worry-free, long-lasting experience with our Putney Dental Care bridgework.

Get your Beautiful SMILE Back!

We’ll make sure your teeth restoration will be identical to the original set that you had. Call us now at Putney Dental Care and see how we can help keep your dental health in top shape. Just dial (02) 9808 2588 as soon as possible. Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic services the following Sydney areas – RydeMeadowbank, and West Ryde.

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