At Putney Dental Care the first impression you’ll experience is the warmth and friendly atmosphere we have for you. Our expert and experienced Gladesville Dentist team  will gladly help you with any question, query or hesitation about your first visit with us. We’ve made changes and are constantly looking for ways to ease anxieties that come with the usual dental appointment.

Pain-free is what we’ve been building on. We’ve found the latest dental technology in dental tools to keep pain away. Just one of these devices is, The Wand. This is how we are able to deliver and apply anaesthetics without the need for injection. A definite plus and just one among our newest ways to change how first visits happen.

We are very thorough on our assessments about your dental health. We want to keep you on the same page and provide every detail regarding your teeth, gums and entire mouth area. In this way, we can then plan on short term and long term solutions to always keep your dental health in excellent shape.

Thorough and Comfortable Dental Assessment

All Gladesville patients will have our expert and experienced dentists look into their dental health intensively. Our comprehensive exam not just focuses on teeth and gums but covers the entire mouth area. We are aware of how important your dental health can affect your overall general condition.

Here is a brief list of what to expect in our initial assessment:

  • Conduct Oral cancer screening that includes an examination of your lymph nodes, lips, tongue and the insides of your mouth and cheeks
  • Provide digital x-rays that give a detailed view of your teeth and condition of your bones
  • Give periodontal (gum) examination to assesses your gums for any signs of gum disease
  • Carry out occlusal examination to identify any problems such as worn teeth and clicking jaw as well as underbites, overbites and crossbites
  • Oversee tooth-by-tooth examination to assess for cavities, old restorations (fillings), and chipped or missing teeth

We then provide details photos using our Intra oral camera to give a vivid picture of your dental health.

Imagine how deeply informed you will be on your first visit with us. Just call us at (02) 9808 2588 and schedule your appointment soon.

A Great Finish to an Excellent First Visit

After assessment, we’ll then scale, clean and polish your teeth to remove any trace of plaque and calculus buildup. We’ll also remove any staining to leave your teeth shiny white. We finish off with a fluoride application to make your teeth more resistant to decay and promote tooth mineralisation.

Excellent Dental Care for Gladesville Patients

Handled with care and kept pain-free. Every Gladesville patient will know how Putney Dental Care is passionate about making sure your dental health is in top shape. Our personalised service will spell the difference. Every patient also has a special treat at each visit. These are free samples from global brands like Colgate and Oral B.

Take that first step now and call us up at (02) 9808 2588 as soon as possible. Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic services the following Sydney areas – Ryde, Meadowbank, and West Ryde.

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Dental Technology

We have access and experience with dental technology which may help identify dental health issues.

Dental Technology

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