Family and General Dentistry Services for East Ryde Patients

Looking for a East Ryde Dentist to maintain your dental health?  At Putney Dental Care we ensure our patients achieve optimal dental health with regular dental check ups. Our professional dentistry services will surely take care of all your dental needs.

Putney Dental Care is a trusted dental clinic for East Ryde patients. When you visit us for the first time, you will already get an initial comprehensive dental examination. This helps us determine if the recommended dental treatment for you under our general dentistry outline.

For all your professional general dentistry needs, schedule an appointment with our Ryde dental experts at (02) 9808 2588.

Putney Dental Care General Dentistry Outline

Prior to your scheduled appointment, we have already outlined our processes for you to know what we do and how we maintain your overall dental health:

Regular Dental Maintenance – To help us detect any underlying problem areas in your mouth, we conduct regular assessments. With the aid of early detection, we can prevent any minor oral health issues from getting serious. Our aim is to let you get away from any costly and complex dental treatment that’s why in our regular dental evaluation, you can get assessments of your gums, teeth, bite and soft tissue.

Dental Prophylaxis – Dental Prophylaxis is a preventive treatment that thoroughly cleans a patient’s teeth. It is in your best interest to have your dental prophylaxis every 6 months to effectively remove and fight plaque buildup, tartar and stains. At Putney Dental Care, we use the modern technology in air polishing your teeth which is called air-flow therapy. This device gently whitens your teeth fast and provides the better outcome than a traditional air polishing device.

Oral Examinations – Depending on your overall dental health, we conduct x-rays every 2 years or as needed. This is for us to check the condition of the surfaces in between your teeth and beneath the gums.

How Often Should I Check in with Putney Dental Care East Ryde Dentist?

We highly advise for you to check in with us twice a year or at least every 6 months. But in case you or your family member encounters a dental issue that needs prompt attention, give us a call immediately. Our East Ryde dentists will surely take care of you and your family’s dental emergencies.

To get more valuable information as to why you should choose Putney Dental Care for your family and general dentistry services, visit us today or call our East Ryde dental experts at (02) 9808 2588 from Mondays to Saturdays

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Dental Technology

We have access and experience with dental technology which may help identify dental health issues.

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