Bridged and Capped Teeth in East Ryde

Our expert team at East Ryde dentist at  Putney Dental Care are the specialist in crown and bridge.  Putney Dental Care can replace and reconstruct missing teeth, cracked or broken teeth and fit it to the right tint and design for each customer.

A complete set of teeth not only gives confidence but also helps enunciate words perfectly. Let’s not forget how important complete molars and incisors are to be able to fully enjoy and digest food that we crave for and meals we look forward to having.

Our East Ryde dentists also takes meticulous care in making sure jaw alignment and bite is ensured when reconstructing dental work. We can choose the right material that would best suit for solutions that last a lifetime.

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Diving into Crown Details

Dental crowns are specific to each tooth.  We at Putney Dental Care sees to it that every East Ryde patient will have restoration of their teeth patterned after their unique dental construction. A dental crown, commonly called a ‘cap’, is a type of dental restoration material that is cemented over a tooth.

The crown acts as a covering for your tooth. This technique is applied to individual teeth that are cracked, broken, heavily filled and discoloured. We have several materials to choose from when making crowns, like metal, resin and porcelain. Top of the line and the latest one we have is made from ceramic materials such as E-Max. These are highly aesthetic and flexible to design and construct but still retains a very high strength factor.

Be assured that our dentists will also keep you on the same page on how your dental condition appears from inside out. Coming from our comprehensive examination, our digital intraoral camera (Sirocam AF+) can focus with high resolution in inspecting the surface details of our patients’ teeth. Patients can also review these images and discuss any concerns they may have with our East Ryde team.

Bridges Complete the Dental Restoration

At Putney Dental Care we offer bridge solutions. We construct bridges that are securely fixed and molded to match each East Ryde patient’s unique dental design. Constructing a bridges is most suited to fill in missing teeth or as a reinforcement to crown reconstruction. We also make sure that jaw alignment and bite are perfectly in place.

Each East Ryde Smile is Unique

Get that perfect set of teeth again with us here at East Ryde Putney Dental Care. Just call our amazing dentists on (02) 98082588 as soon as possible. Our Putney Dental Care dental clinic services the following Sydney areas – RydeMeadowbankGladesville and West Ryde.

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