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Braces 29 Aug 2023

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are the orthodontic answer to crooked teeth and persistent bite problems that otherwise might prove to be life-long aesthetic…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal 05 Jun 2023

How to Stop Wisdom Teeth Pain

The sensation of our last teeth breaking through the gums can be a surprise to many as not everyone has…

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Crowns & Bridges - Putney Dental Care 28 Apr 2023

What’s the Difference Between a Dental Bridge & Implant 

Even with your best efforts in preventative care, there may be a time when you need one or more teeth…

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Wisdom teeth removal 17 Mar 2023

Why Do You Have a Hole in Your Gums?

It is not uncommon for the occasional pain or inflammation of the gums to flare up, but a hole in…

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Dentures with Putney Dental Care 28 Feb 2023

A Guide to Your White Gums

Everyone aspires for a bright white smile, but white gums? Not so common. Healthy gums are usually pink, but if…

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Root Canal 19 Jan 2023

Signs of Infection After Root Canal

Root canals are a safe and common procedure for those who need the inner layer of their tooth repaired. It…

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Root canal treatment 20 Dec 2022

Root Canal vs Extraction

Taking care of your teeth is a lifetime commitment, but sometimes we are not perfect at keeping every tooth pearly…

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Gum Boil Header 11 Nov 2022

Gum Boil Explained

Do you have a painful lump on the lining of your gums? It can be shocking to have a boil…

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Wisdom teeth removal 15 Sep 2022

Why Do I Have Itchy Gums? Causes and Treatments

Our mouth is lined with two rows of teeth that help us bite, chew, and digest our food. Gums, also…

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