Our Technology

Our practice is equipped with latest technologies to provide you with the most comprehensive dental care including:

Digital Xray-Putney-Dental-Care

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-ray imaging allows the dentist to diagnose problems, which may not be seen with the naked eye. Our digital technology allows us to instantly view the results, and efficiently identify any problem areas to discuss the best treatment options with you. Digital images have the capacity of been enlarged to focus on areas of interest and the contrast can also be adjusted to identify possible decays.

It also provides a safer alternative with up to 90% less radiation in comparison to conventional x-ray films that many dental practices still use today.


3D Cone Beam X-rays

Our practice offers the latest in digital imaging, 3D cone beam x-ray, to allow for enhanced imaging capabilities, and the ability to diagnose to the finest degree.



A revolutionary painless laser technology used to detect hidden decay before it damages tooth structure, even detecting small areas of decay. By using this technology, our dentists are able to take a minimally invasive and preventive approach. We treat your small problem areas before they turn into larger issues that require more complicated treatment.


The Wand

A common fear of dentists is the ‘stinging’ sensation from the dental anaesthetic injections. At Putney Dental Care, our patients can now experience a virtually painless anaesthetic delivery with the use of ‘The Wand’. This automated anaesthetic unit delivers slow and precise quantities of the anaesthetic to maximize your comfort. It can even eliminate the ‘numb face’ feeling often associated with the conventional anaesthetic injections.

air polishing-Putney-Dental-Care

Air Polishing

Our modern approach to the removal of both plaque and heavy stains involves the use of air polishing technique (EMS Air-Flow). This involves an air-powder mixture with water and when used for routine cleaning, has shown to be gentler, less damaging on tooth structures, faster and provided better outcomes in terms of more stain removal compared with traditional techniques. In our experience, every patient who has trialed our new system has provided positive feedback.

Digital X Ray

IO camera

Our digital intra oral camera (Sirocam AF+) can focus with high resolution in order to inspect the surface details of your teeth. Using these images we can identify and discuss any concerns with you, so that you are kept well-informed with all your dental treatment needs.