Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed at Putney Dental Care

Wisdom teeth have gotten their name because they are the last adult teeth to emerge from the gums. Because they appear much later than the rest, typically in the stages of young adulthood, it is viewed that people have already matured and are presumably “wiser.” Formally, they are known as third molars. But hardly anyone uses that term and since the 19th century, they have always been referred to as wisdom teeth.

Normally, people develop four wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth—two on the top row and another two on the bottom. For some late teenagers and early to mid-twenty somethings, they do not need to undergo wisdom teeth removal.

When Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted

For the ones that are not so lucky, a wisdom tooth or teeth can cause problems including pain, infection, as well as damage to adjacent teeth. Wisdom tooth pain is most common in younger adults when patients have no room for the tooth to come through, becoming impacted. These are third molars at the back of the mouth that lack space or positioned at an odd angle to develop correctly. Impacted wisdom teeth, in particular, are difficult to clean and keep clean. Given this, they become more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease compared to other teeth.

The age group between 16–19 years old should have their wisdom teeth checked to see if they are due for dental surgery. If your dentist advises to keep them, monitoring them on a regular basis is still important to prevent wisdom tooth infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal- Putney Dental Care

Reasons Why you need to get your Wisdom Teeth Out?

The pain and discomfort from oral surgery may be scary to think about, but foregoing the removal of wisdom teeth does more harm than good. Dentists will offer extraction as the solution for the following wisdom teeth scenarios like:

  • Overcrowding your mouth and jaw area
  • The teeth being poorly aligned and developing sideways (impacted)
  • The teeth and its surrounding areas becoming infected

Wisdom Teeth Removal- Putney Dental Care

As you now know, teeth removal can can be straightforward or complex. It really can go either way. While there may be varying and sometimes even contrasting opinions about wisdom tooth extraction, always seek professional dental help. If you think your third molars need to be taken out, consult with Putney Dental Care right away. With modern 3-D imaging at Putney Dental Care, we can assess the degree of impaction and risk of surgery prior to its removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Putney Dental Care

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